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Jessica No Longer Needs Blood Transfusion!

Jessica No Longer Needs Blood Transfusion!

I was a patient of Dr. Carney for nearly a year before moving out of state. In 2006 I was certified as a natural health practitioner, so I have always been involved in natural health and traditional medicine. I had always believed in resting often and eating well to resolve any ailments that I had. I was referred by a friend of mine and went for an overall exam to see where I was with my health in terms of my weight, cholesterol, and blood work numbers. I was glad there was someone conveniently located to me who understood medicine and how the body works.

For years, especially after the births of my four children, I wasn't as mindful to my health while trying to balance motherhood and taking care of myself. As mothers, once we give birth to our babies, all of our thoughts go into taking care of our own children. Four babies later, I needed a health check and knew I was always concerning myself with their health instead of my own.

I needed to know where I was at, where I needed to be, and assess what I needed to do to be in a healthy range. Once the blood work results came in, I learned that I had several deficiencies in many areas that I was completely unaware of. After living that way for so long, I thought my tiredness and irritability was normal. After accepting it as the norm for so long, I found that the vitamin and mineral deficiencies contributed to these symptoms. Dr. Carney was really able to give me evidence through my blood work to convince me to change the way I was living.

I had already been mostly plant-based before seeing Dr. Carney, and my circle of friends who were also plant-based referred me to her. I was happy to find a doctor who would not question my diet as many other doctors had in the past. My son's pediatrician even tested him for an iron deficiency after I told him we were plant-based. I was proud after the results showed that my son was in fact above the normal range for iron. Dr. Carney also helped me understand my fat intake and she provided me with resources and information to help me reevaluate my diet and how I could improve it.

Going to Dr. Carney made me feel supported and that I was making the right decision for my health, body, and my family. My daughter was so miserable with so many different allergies in Central Texas. Dr. Carney spoke with her in a straight forward manner about her diet and explained how her allergies would clear up if she adjusted her eating habits. My daughter took full responsibility for her health and understood which foods would affect her positively or negatively.

It was great to have a doctor who understood how our environment and food affects the way we feel. I would use her room to workout on the treadmill and watch the free resources that she has available to her patients. Her support important to my success and my mood changed since I didn't feel so alone and I finally felt validated as a parent. As part of my vitamin deficiencies, I went from being consulted for a blood transfusion to completely within normal range after taking the vitamins and altering my diet.

Dr. Carney is sincerely and genuinely concerned about the health of her patients. She takes her time with you, encourages her patients and truly wants to help you. I felt very privileged to be a patient of hers and referred many friends to her who have had also amazing results.

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I don't know if Jessica can or will read this, but thank you Sean for sharing her story! This gives me hope! My Dr. took it upon herself to contact my OBGYN AND a specialist who I have an appointment to consult with at the end of August. I am hoping by then there will be no need for the latter visit. I've started taking Ferrous Glouconate and a B12 vitamin so I'm hoping my iron goes up through diet and that there is no internal bleeding. Not looking forward to a colonoscopy! My dr. has written a standing order for bloodwork once a month until the iron gets to normal. So, come mid July I'm hoping to see drastic results! It just has to be higher than the last reading of 9!

Also, like Jessica, I thought my mood swings, depression etc were normal for me. And boy, were they ugly! I can attest that since starting a whole food plant based lifestyle my moods are stabilized! What a joy! what a relief!

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