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Salt and salted food intake and subsequent risk of gastric cancer among middle-aged Japanese men and women

Preference for salty foods, including salted fish roe, may raise the incidence of stomach cancer among middle-aged men and women.

This study focused on the association between likeness for salty foods and the prevalence of gastric (stomach) cancer among middle-aged men and women. Researchers analyzed dietary information from over 39,000 Japanese men and women aged 40-59 years who agreed to participate in this study. During the course of the study, 486 cases of gastric cancer occurred in total. 

Researchers observed that lovers of highly salted foods, such as salted fish roe and fish preserved with salt, exhibited a trend towards increased risk of stomach cancer. The findings of this study add to the growing body of research suggesting that there is strong a link between salty food consumption and high probability of stomach cancer among middle-aged men and women.

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Gastric cancer and salt preference: a population-b...
Salt, salted food intake, and risk of gastric canc...

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