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Cantonese-style salted fish as a cause of nasopharyngeal carcinoma: report of a case-control study in Hong Kong

Nasopharyngeal cancer is more likely to occur among young adults who have been consuming Cantonese-style salted fish since childhood.

This study looked at the correlation between long-term intake of Cantonese-style salted fish and the prevalence of nasopharyngeal cancer in Hong Kong. Researchers compared the diets of 250 patients with nasopharyngeal cancer and 250 healthy individuals, all of whom were below the age of 35 years, from childhood to adulthood. 

Researchers discovered that childhood consumption of Cantonese-style salted fish was responsible for more than 90% of cases of nasopharyngeal cancer among young adults in Hong Kong. This study provides material evidence that high dietary ingestion of Cantonese-style salted fish may give rise to nasopharyngeal cancer.

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