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Dietary Fiber and Human Papillomavirus Infection among US Women: The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 2003-2016

Upping the intake of foods rich in fiber may help lower a woman's risk of acquiring human papilloma virus infection.

Human papilloma virus infection is an established risk factor for cervical cancer. This study analyzed the relationship between the consumption of high fiber foods and the likelihood of contracting human papilloma virus infection. A total of 14,151 women aged 18-59 years were recruited for this study. The dietary habit and human papilloma virus infection status of each participant was ascertained through validated food frequency questionnaires and hospital records. 

Researchers discovered that women who consistently ate large amounts fiber-ladened foods had low propensity to contract human papilloma virus infection. The take home message from this study is that adhering to a high fiber diet may increase a woman's chances of preventing human papilloma virus infection.

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