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Fruit and vegetable consumption and lung cancer risk: a case-control study in Galicia, Spain

Creating more space for fruits and vegetables in our plates may improve our chances of evading a diagnosis of lung cancer.

This study aimed to determine the role of regular ingestion of fruits and vegetables in the prevention of lung cancer. Researchers studied the diets and lifestyle of 496 healthy Spanish adults and 371 lung cancer patients. 

Researchers discovered that higher intake of fruits and vegetables correlated with lower risk of lung cancer. This study suggests that individuals who want to minimize their chances of developing lung cancer should add more fruits and vegetables to their diet.

Research Summary Information

  • 2014
  • Ana Marina Tarrazo-Antelo, Alberto Ruano-Ravina, José Abal Arca, Juan Miguel Barros-Dios
  • Service of Preventive Medicine , University Hospital Complex of Santiago de Compostela , Santiago de Compostela , Spain.
  • No, Free full text of study was not found.
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