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Meat Consumption and Risk of Developing Type 2 Diabetes in the SUN Project: A Highly Educated Middle-Class Population

Increased dietary intake of meat, especially processed meats, can lead to a spike in the risk of type 2 diabetes.

This study seeks to clarify the association between the eating a meaty diet and the possibility of developing type 2 diabetes (T2D). A total of 18,527 individuals who were surveyed about their diets and health participated in this study. 

Researchers discovered that the odds of acquiring type 2 diabetes were tilted against ardent consumers of meat, particularly processed meats. This study demonstrates that a high meaty diet might be a potential risk factor for type 2 diabetes.

Research Summary Information

  • 2016
  • A Mari-Sanchis, A Gea, F J Basterra-Gortari , M A Martinez-Gonzalez, J J Beunza, M Bes-Rastrollo
  • Department of Preventive Medicine and Public Health, University of Navarra, Pamplona, Spain. Nutrition Unit-Department of Endocrinology and Nutrition, Hospital de Navarra, Pamplona, Spain. CIBERobn, Instituto de Salud Carlos III, Madrid, Spain. DISNA, Navarra's Research Health Institute, Pamplona, Spain. Endocrinology Unit-Department of Internal Medicine, Hospital Reina Sofia, Tudela, Spain. Department of Clinical Sciences, School of Biomedical and Health Sciences, Universidad Europea de Madrid, Laureate International Universities, Madrid, Spain.
  • Yes, Free full text of study was found:
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