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High Consumption of Red Meat Is Associated with Excess Mortality Among African-American Women

Increased intake of red meat may move cardiovascular and total mortality risk in the upward direction in African-American women.

This study looked at the red consumption levels and mortality rates among 56,314 African-American women. Researchers followed all the participants for 22 years, monitoring their diets and mortality records. 

Researchers noticed that consistent consumers of red meat faced increased probability of dying from cardiovascular disease and other causes. Daily intake of an extra serving of red meat was found to elevate total mortality risk by 7% among African-American women in this study. Based on the data from this study, it can be concluded that high dietary ingestion of red meat may amplify an African-American woman's chances of suffering from deaths due to cardiovascular disease and other causes.

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Systematic review of the prospective cohort studie...
A Prospective Analysis of Intake of Red and Proces...

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