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A prospective study of red meat consumption and type 2 diabetes in middle-aged and elderly women: the women’s health study.

Middle-aged and elderly women who are regular consumers of red and processed meats may be at great risk of developing type 2 diabetes mellitus.

This study investigated the correlation between red meat consumption and type 2 diabetes risk in adult women. Using semi-quantitative food frequency questionnaires, researchers examined the red meat intakes of 37,309 women aged 45 years and above with no previous history of cancer and cardiovascular diseases. The diabetes mellitus odds ratio of each participant in this study was also determined.

Researchers observed a higher diabetes  risk among subjects in the highest quartile of meat consumption than those in the lowest quartile. The type 2 diabetes-promoting effect of red meat was found to be stronger in subjects who consistently consumed high quantities of processed meats, such as bacon and hot dogs. The results of this study show that the incidence of type 2 diabetes mellitus may increase among middle-aged and elderly women who are frequent consumers of red meat.

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