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A Prospective Analysis of Intake of Red and Processed Meat in Relation to Pancreatic Cancer among African American Women

African American women above the age of 50 who enjoyed eating red meat may have a high tendency to suffer from pancreatic cancer.

This study was conducted to assess whether African American women on high meat diet are at risk of developing pancreatic cancer. Researchers analyzed dietary information that covered a 23-year period from a total of 52,706 African American women, out of which 148 of them above the age of 50 eventually had pancreatic cancer.

Researchers observed that the risk of pancreatic cancer skyrocketed by 65% among women older than 50 years who were generous consumers of unprocessed red meat. Evidence from this study point out that habitual intake of red meat may increase the incidence of pancreatic cancer among African American women older than 50 years.

Research Summary Information

  • 2020
  • Jessica L Petrick, Nelsy Castro-Webb, Hanna Gerlovin, Traci N Bethea, Shanshan Li, Edward A Ruiz-Narváez, Lynn Rosenberg, Julie R Palmer
  • Slone Epidemiology Center at Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts. jpetrick@bu.edu. Slone Epidemiology Center at Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts. School of Medicine, Georgetown University, Washington, DC. Department of Nutritional Sciences, University of Michigan School of Public Health, Ann Arbor, Michigan.
  • Yes, Free full text of study was found:
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