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Long-term alcohol consumption is an independent risk factor of hypertension development in northern China: evidence from Kailuan study.

Men who are light, moderate, and heavy consumers of alcohol may have a high propensity to develop hypertension.

​This study evaluated the risk of hypertension associated with different levels of alcohol consumption. Researchers examined the medical records and alcohol drinking habits of 32,389 male coal mine workers from Northern China over a 4-year period. 

Researchers discovered that light, moderate, and heavy drinking of alcohol promoted the development of hypertension. This 2013 study of Chinese men documented a positive association between alcohol intake at all levels and the risk of hypertension.

Research Summary Information

  • 2013
  • Peng M, Wu S, Jiang X, Jin C, Zhang W; Kailuan Cardiovascular Survey Group.
  • Hypertension Center, Cardiovascular Institute and Fuwai Hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Peking Union Medical College, Beijing Department of Cardiology, Kailuan General Hospital, Tangshan, Hebei Province, China Cardiovascular and Neurological Institute, Irving, Texas, USA *Meng Peng and Shouling Wu equally contribute to the study.
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