High intake of dairy products, red, and processed meat may increase metastatic cancer risk, but it is not associated with the development of the advanced form of the disease.

This research work was carried out to determine the role of animal products in the development of prostate cancer. Using a semi-quantitative food questionnaire, researchers examined the diets of 51,529 men. The prostate cancer hazard ratios of all the subjects were also assessed.

This study suggested that high intake of processed meat, red meat, and dairy products elevated the risk of developing metastatic prostate cancer. High consumption of both red meat and dairy products was observed to double metastatic prostate cancer risk compared to low intake of both products. These results show that consuming large quantities of dairy products, red, and processed meat may be significantly associated with increased metastatic cancer risk.

There was one sentence in the abstract which appeared contradictory as follows: Researchers observed that the development of advanced prostate cancer was not linked to the consumption of red meat, total meat, and dairy products. We did not purchase this study to examine this further. Contradictory statements like this appear quite common in some summaries and abstracts.