Individuals who regularly consumed high quantities of fermented milk products are highly vulnerable to colorectal cancer.

This study evaluated the correlation between the intakes of milk, lactose, calcium, and vitamin D and colorectal cancer risk. Researchers examined the diets 9,959 cancer-free men and women for 24 years. The colorectal cancer hazard risk of each subject was also determined.

Researchers observed that high consumers of milk products and lactose-rich foods had low odds of developing colon cancer. On the other hand, calcium obtained from fermented milk products was found to increase colorectal cancer risk in this study. According to this study, increased dietary exposure to milk products and vitamin D and calcium had little or no effect on rectal cancer risk and colorectal carcinogenesis respectively. The results of this study show that generous intake of diets rich in milk and lactose may confer significant protection against the development of colon cancer.