Fresh or deeply fried olive, soybean, and palm oils may cause a decline in endothelial function and an increase in serum triglyceride levels in healthy individuals.

This study examined the effect of fresh and deeply fried olive, soybean, and palm oils on glucose metabolism, lipid profile, and endothelial function in young people. 10 young healthy subjects residing in Colombia participated in this study. Each participant was randomly fed with a potato soup containing 60 ml of either fresh or fried olive, soybean, or palm oil. Using flow mediated vasodilation (FMD), the endothelial function of all the subjects was evaluated before and 3 hours after the consumption of the potato soup. Their serum glucose and triglyceride concentrations were also measured.

Researchers observed both fresh and deeply fried oils increased the serum concentrations of triglycerides and impaired endothelial function in all the participants. This study provides strong evidence that oil-rich foods are detrimental to cardiovascular health.