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  1 day ago
We were just contacted through our Contact Us page and sent a message asking why this question was never answered. There are multiple reasons including being very busy but the reality is that Ben is asking a very complex medical question that really requires a medical consultation with a knowledgeable physician. In order to answer such a question many questions need to be asked all of which would not be appropriate for a public forum. Dr. Carney does do food coaching and I do regret that I did not post a notice about this in response. The food coaching is available at
  about 1 month ago
Mike, Your last reply to Deborah was not actually what I would call civil. Please do not become a troll here either willingly or unwillingly. Be nice even if you do not agree. Asking honest questions is always welcome and friendly conversations are always welcome too. But, snarkly comments really should be resisted. We need to follow rule number one here at all times which is to "Be Nice". We don't have to agree but this community is intended to be a friendly place. [b]Agree to disagree agreeably. :-)[/b] Thank you for considering this. Sean
  about 1 month ago
Mike, You might like to read this Guest Blogger Contribution from Deborah on Dr. Carney's site about the subject of B-12:
  about 1 month ago
Thank you [url=""]Ke[/url]n, [url=""]JoAnn[/url], and [url=""]Marky[/url], I am so grateful for your answers and hope now that others searching on Google and other search engines who are asking the same or similar questions might find this page and find your answers. Sean
  about 2 months ago
Julio, That is fantastic news. I assume you are feeling better in other ways besides weight loss? I am not sure if you remember creating an account here last year but this is your page on
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