Dr. Lederman, an Internal Medicine physician, has strived to eliminate medication and reverse diease in his patients through diet and lifestyle changes.  He is coauthor, with his wife Alona Pulde MD, of Keep it Simple, Keep it Whole and he has appeared in Healing Cancer and Forks Over Knives where the work of Dr. Lederman and Dr. Pulde at Exsalus Health & Wellness Center was highlighted. Dr. Lederman also lectures for the eCornell Certificate Program in Plant Based Nutrition.

Dr. Matthew Lederman and his wife Dr. Alona Pulde joined Whole Foods Market in 2010, where they old the titles of "Global Medical Executive of Health and Wellness".  They are tasked to help found the company's Wellness Clubs and to serve as health and wellness medical experts.

The embedded video is an interview of Matt Lederman, MD and his wife Alona Pulda, MD that was conducted by Julieanna Hever, the plant-based Dietician. The interview was conducted for Forks Over Knives.