Incorporating more high fiber foods to our diet may protect us from cardio-metabolic diseases, such as metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular ailments....
A woman may improve her chances of staying free from type 2 diabetes by adding more soy foods to her diet....
  1.   April 4, 2022
  2.   Type 2 Diabetes
  3.   Soy Foods
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Strict adherence to a high fiber diet may help guard against the onset of anxiety and depression in individuals with hypertension....
  1.   April 1, 2022
  2.   Anxiety
  3.   Depression
  4.   High Fiber
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Increased dietary exposure to fiber may improve a premenopausal woman's chances of evading depression....
  1.   March 30, 2022
  2.   Depression
  3.   High Fiber
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