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Unprecedented Obesity Increases in Only 25 Years

Unprecedented Obesity Increases in Only 25 Years

We are greatly saddened by the increasing obesity trends in America knowing that obesity is a precursor to unnecessary disease, suffering and premature death. Millions of people are effected! After clicking through the Obesity Trends slides from the CDC one can only wonder where we will be ten years from now. It is scary to think about. That, coupled with the increasing tendency for medical care to be rushed, if available at all, and we can see a time of great suffering coming on the United States that will be unprecedented. When we lose our health we have pretty much lost everything.

This trend is NOT limited to the United States alone. Most of the world wants to copy the affluent American way of living and achieve the "Good Life" to some degree. The rest of the world is joining America in this alarming trend and sickness and disease is rapidly increasing worldwide as the consumption of meat, dairy and oil skyrockets. This is NOT a hopeless situation. It can be turned around by everybody adopting a Starch-Smart® Program of Dietary Care Extraordinaire remembering to eat foods providing energy from Sun to Plant to Plate!

If we ever feel like slowing down the pace on spreading this message of health, all we have to do is look again at the Obesity Trends slideshow to provide the motivatation to keep on working towards relieving this disease and suffering. Won't you please consider joining us by adopting and promoting a whole-foods plant-based low-fat Starch-Smart® Program of Dietary Care Extraordinaire?

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