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  about 6 years ago
Hey Ken, Thanks for the filled out log. It has been really helpful. I'm currently on a rapid onset insulin (~30u) and a 12u long acting insulin (Lantus), which is similar to your own insulin regimen. Only my BG ranges from 80 - 150 mg/dL, depending on the starch load of my diet. I noticed that for most of the time your BG stayed below 90 mg/dL . It made me wonder if your body is running on fasting mode, burning stored fat for fuel. Have you done a urine ketone test? I ask because I have tried the lchf diet. Thanks again for taking time to reply. ~K
  about 6 years ago
Hi Ken, I was diagnosed with type 1 recently, LADA. I'm experimenting with the insulin requirement for different food groups and various combinations. Can I ask for a peek at your insulin log? Not many people I know (type 1) maintain meticulous log. My own is just a week long with blood sugar level both before and after an insulin dose. Thank you.
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