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John Ware


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Semi-retired business executive. Inveterate global traveler who's lived in > 30 countries and traveled to > 90 more. Converted to whole food, plant-based lifestyle in May 2021 and haven't looked back. Sadly, I had tried to do this several times within the last decade, but failed each time for many reasons: lack of commitment, thinking I could "really" do this any time I wanted to, and literally dozens of other excuses. And all during this time, my weight was gaining and my medical issues were exacerbating, culminating in three stents, prostate cancer, a total knee replacement, and other relatively minor maladies. I believe I succeeded this time due to two very important reasons: 1. Primarily, I didn't give myself an "out," or fallback position. I burned my bridges by telling everyone I was going to do this. I gave myself a daily "scare talk" to remind myself that, at age 70, I didn't have too many chances left. 2. I am a very altruistic person - I've felt deeply about many things over the years, and have imbued myself within the causes. But several things hit me in the face more or less at the same time: animal ethics, climate change, the proliferation of "Big Ag" and corporate marketing scamming, and the exacerbated loss of natural resources (soil, oceans, rain forests, etc.)
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