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  about 2 years ago
Ken, Thank you for your detailed comments on your Type 1 diabetes and how you control it! I've referred some of my patients to you - today, a gentleman who is a retired engineer and who has taken a renewed interest in controlling his type 2 diabetes. Reading your recent posts and answers to questions, I'm wondering what kind of control you have with legumes and if they have been helpful for control for you. Based on studies of groups of people, I've been highly recommending them for all of my patients, of course along with any and all fiber-filled foods. Just curious! :$
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  about 3 years ago
Russell, you are absolutely correct that plaque reversal in the coronary(heart) and leg arteries has definitely been demonstrated by Dr Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr as he has reported in several journals and you can see the images in the book Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease as well as in the movie Forks Over Knives. One of the study participants actually says in the movie that the guys in the study noticed that they had 'no trouble raising the flag', thus indicating that the plaque in the penile arteries was also being reduced if not reversed. I think that may be the answer you are looking for. =) That would be an unequivocal "YES!"
  about 4 years ago
Wayne, The interpretation of better methods of diagnosis was considered as a possible reason for the increase leading up to the war. You might be interested in the whole slide series discussing the history of the study of Cardiovascular Disease and giving the context of the above reference and why it is considered significant as an example of an epidemiological study/happening. The slides prior to and after this slide are really interesting and instructive. The evidence for the connection between diet and cardiovascular disease goes all the way back to 1915! Cheers as you continue to investigate and think critically about all the available evidence to date. Julia
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