Although statins can benefit those high risk patients with significant history of coronary disease; for the majority of patients, a Starch Smart diet proves to be just as effective at lowering cholesterol. High risk patients that would benefit from statin lowering medications are those that have had a previous heart attack, stroke, or an angioplasty and/or bypass surgery. Statins do lower cholesterol, however, they do not correct the underlying atherosclerotic disease. Patients are given a false sense of security when they see their cholesterol level drop, however, their heart disease continues to progress if a low-fat, high-fiber, Starch Smart diet is not implemented. Statins have been shown to cause kidney, liver, and muscle damage, as well as unusual fatigue, abdominal pain, and cognitive impairment such as memory loss, confusion, forgetfulness and amnesia. For the majority of patients, dietary and lifestyle changes alone offers significant cholesterol level reduction.

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