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  about 3 weeks ago
Hello Christine, Thank you for your excellent question. Being whole-food plant-based no-oil can help GERD tremendously. Dr. Carney often helps people with additional lifestyle fine-tuning before GERD completely subsides. Generally a Food Consultation with Dr. Carney is needed in order for Dr. Carney to ask questions of a personal nature in a private setting. There are other considerations to be looked at. The consults are available on her shopping cart site at
  about 1 month ago
Thank you Greg. Your testimony is so powerful. I hope everybody gets to see how moving your story is, as told at [url=""][/url] Healthy Holidays, Dr. Carney
  about 3 months ago
Grateful for your perspective and your hyperlink, Julia. Thank you! Dr. Carney
  about 4 months ago
Hi Joan, The science on plant sterols is not convincing enough for me to recommend them in supplement form, but eating veggies for breakfast makes a world of difference.
  about 5 months ago
Steamed is better for overall digestion and absorption of nutrients.
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