March 29, 2018
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I am trying to lose weight to reduce inflammation. Wondering what would make a healthy salad dressing. 

4 years ago

Hello Sue, 

We make so many salad dressings and almost never have a recipe. Just about any whole food can probably be blended up for a sauce or a salad dressing. 

Some examples might be to blend some mangoes slices and a couple berries with some lemon or lime juice.  If you wanted it creamy you might add a bit of cooked millet. If you wanted a really asian flair you might put in a pinch of fresh cumin. 

You might blend blueberries of blackberries with different seasonings. 

We have made creamy dressings using cooked brown rice and lemon juice with onion and garlic and then stir in some fresh dill weed.

We could create different ideas forever. If there is flavor you like you might want to try blending it into a dressing. 

We use a LOT of cilantro in various dressings.

I would be interested to hear what you might have tried blending to create your own unique salad dressings. 


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