February 13, 2018
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i am following the Starch-Smartest program to lose weight and reduce inflammation. Usually I am fine between meals. I don't realy want to eat between meals. Any suggestions for if we get hungry? 

3 years ago

It's a valid question.

If I get hungry between meals, I drink water and remind myself of all the benefits of intermittent fasting.

I also evaluate whether or not I ate enough food at the prior meal that was sufficiently unprocessed, high in fiber and resistant starch, and whether or not I have brought enough food with me for the next meal that I feel prepared.

If I do not have enough food made for the upcoming meal (even if it coming up tomorrow AM) I try to manage my time so as to prioritize making some healthy dishes so that I can bring food with me where-ever I go.

Although I would not suggest my secret to those who not appreciate this method, my secret is to pray my way through hunger cravings in the evenings after 7 PM.  More prayer, more power, in my personal life.  But I do realize that this suggestion is not for everyone, so I do not suggest to my patients in the exam room unless they ask me point-blank.

On the other hand, if 9 PM is approaching and I feel so hungry that I either have to eat something or go to bed, I just go to bed and try not to fret about the difficulties of sleeping when hungry.  

But those are just my personal strategies.

Everyone is different.

I am glad to hear that you do not usually feel hungry between meals, as that is a testament to your avoidance of refined processed sugars and flours, which can trigger hunger cravings eating binges.

Thanks for posting about your sucesses with the Starch-Smart System.

I'm proud of your excellent progress! :D

Sincere Regards,

Dr. Carney

3 years ago

Thank you Linda. I do not want to snack even though many McDougalers do that. My bottom line is what God has said to us through His saving health message. Which is why I am so thankful for you! I believe in prayer and pray to be faithful to God's plan. I have a card on my fridge that says, Never Lose Hope. I've also memorized the prayer in Romans 15:13 to encourage me. I serve a God of hope and He wants me to 'abound in hope through the power of the Holy Spirit.' 

Health reminds me of religion. There are so many 'voices' out there, it is hard to wade through it all to find the truth unless you have some kind of plumb line. With religion or faith, we have the Bible and the SOP to guide us. And the same is true with health. 

Like in healing the Leaky Gut, I have read from Dr. Axe and others and they mention bone broth and oils and I know that is not the right way to go. Have you had patients who healed a Leaky Gut problem with Starch-Smart alone? How long a process is this? Years or months? I so want to be well and not have so many sensitivities to food I used to love, even healthy plant food. 

Thank you again for your kindness in encouraging me and writing back. God bless you always!! You are such a blessing!

Big Hugs!

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