April 3, 2017
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Dr Carney,  Is there a video available of the Healthfest talk you gave concerning the "scientific evidence showing how anxiety, depression, concentration problems, and fatigue can respond positively to WFPBNO eating".  I enjoyed the talk very much and would like to review the many points covered.  If there is no video is there a written version or something similar?


6 years ago

Thank you Caryl, for creating an account here and asking this question.  That presentation of mine on depression/emotional health won me a standing ovation that cheered my heart, since all those people trudged over to that building in the RAIN to watch me last Sunday at www.HealthFest.com.

I do not have access to any video of that talk, but I am hoping that you will consider subscribing to www.VegWorldMag.com, because the article on which that talk was based will be published in our very next issue.

All the studies are listed in my soon-to-be published article entitled "The Joy of Eating Plants!  How Carbs Curb Depression".  You will find it there in my regular column "Dr. Carney's Prescriptions for Health" at VegWorld.

If you would like to see a similar presentation, I have a powerpoint lecture on video here:


Best Wishes, 

Dr. Carney


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