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  1. Cygal
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  3. March 29, 2017
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Hi Dr. Carney,


i need your advise pls.  I just got my blood tests results and it seems that my triglycerides are high (168) , my HDL is 30.7 and my creatinin, serum is 0.54?

pls advise.

Thx in advance,



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Hi Cygal,

If you are new to the whole foods Plant-based diet, fear not, as it is quite common to have triglycerides rise when you are just starting out.

If you have not eaten any animal products for more than 6 months, then you may consider eating nothing in between meals and lowering your fat intake.

Take a look at this comparison chart, and follow the Starch-Smart plan for 3 months under the column "Starch-Smartest" and then recheck your triglycerides.


Ideal triglycerides are under 60, good levels are under 100, and normal levels are under 150.

There are so many questions that I need to ask you, in order to give you the most on-target advice for your situation, that I recommend that you visit this link to consider requesting a 30 minute custom-coaching consult.


Best Wishes, 

Dr. Carney

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