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    Hi All,

    It has become evident to me that my T1D control method is probably more different from "conventional" than I had previously thought. As mentioned in my "Confession" talk / post ( https://www.drcarney.com/blog/condition-related/my-diabetes-confession), what I learned about T1D control was mostly in an information vacuum. I admit that much of the vacuum was self-induced as I rejected the methods prescribed by my doctor as well as the information from the American Diabetes Association plus what was taught in all of the T1D management classes that I attended. The rejection was because I felt it wasn't working and all of the sources followed the same method. This isn't to say that I think I'm smarter than the experts, it's just that I had a different goal. I didn't want to "survive" diabetes; Instead, I didn't want to be diabetic - even if that requires a lot more effort.

    I mention this because I am discovering that many times when people ask me questions, I'm not on the same "page" or "wavelength". I find that I am not confidently familiar with many of the conventional terms, schedules, methods and equipment. I've been using my method for so long that "conventional" seems foreign.

    With that realization, I have decided to write a book on my method. It is titled; "Synchronous Push-Pull Type-1 Diabetes Control - The Non-Diabetic Diabetic Method" (SPP method for short). I am working on it in my "spare time", so I don't have a completion date projection yet. My plan is to post it here as a PDF download once it is done.

    We are all here to learn from each other, but I wanted to mention this as I suspect that my method may not mix well with conventional T1D methods. Sometimes, when asked a question, I'm not sure if I'm on the same page as the person asking. I think that questions are most often asked from the conventional T1D method viewpoint (of which I have essentially no experience), but I'm answering from my SPP T1D method view point, thus, my answer may not be a perfect fit. I just wanted everyone to be aware of that in our communications.

    Thanks to all,


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