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  about 10 months ago
I see pepper is a NO-NO. I have read that to help the absorption of Turmeric that you should take it with black pepper. Is there a substitute that would work as well as black pepper? Some supplements don’t include black pepper ,curcumin supplements can be quite costly.
  about 3 years ago
I am so thrilled that leafy greens includes cauliflower, cabbage and broccoli. We used to be able to buy frozen spinach, collards and kale altogether, but it is no longer available. Very disappointing . We can buy spinach and kale separately. I will try and find collards, but in Canada that may not be possible. I make a walnut sauce for my husband to get some greens into him.
  about 3 years ago
I found it interesting that Dr. Carney limits herself to 1 T. of coconut a year. So being allergic to chocolate could be related to the insects in chocolate. It is a good idea to drink 1 and 2 hrs.. after breakfast to help move the fibre along. I have started eating greens, beans and sweet or regular potatoes in morning. Getting to bed between 9-10 pm is really helping me feel more energetic in the morning. Usually I get 8 hrs. In bed, I am wondering if I could get by with 7 hrs. I try not to drink late, but I still find that I am up 3 times going to the bathroom ,very annoying.
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