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Carrie Barrett
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With a background in stand-up and sketch comedy, humor and a heavy dose of inspiration naturally incorporate themselves into any talk I do. My story isn’t altogether unique, but it is impressive (especially if you ask my parents). Like most post-collegiate young adults, I was busy adjusting to the rigors of “the real world” and learning how to support myself. Suffice to say, fitness wasn’t a priority. Oh, who am I kidding? Fitness was never really a priority with the exception of participation in a few youth sports. In 1998, I moved to Austin, Texas for my dream gig in radio and knew no one. Austin is known for many amazing things. Among them, a wonderful fitness community, plenty of sunshine and Lance Armstrong. I wasn’t fully aware of those things because I was much more into the other things that make Austin, Texas famous; namely live music, bar-b-que and Mexican food. It wasn’t until my late 20s (and a substantial weight gain) that I decided I was going to “change my life” and run a marathon before my 30th birthday. That was 15 years ago and I can’t thank that voice inside my head enough for literally nagging me to take the first steps toward an amazing, and often humbling, transformation. As a speaker, writer and USAT Certified Coach, I share stories of how I went from being a self-proclaimed “chub-a-holic” to a Top Age Group triathlete. There was the time I was so dehydrated during a race that I actually started hallucinating. Let me tell you, I saw some amazing people during those visions! There was also the time I ran into a friend I hadn’t seen in a while and she was happy to tell me I looked like I had lost 5000lbs! Gee thanks! I have also had the privilege of moderating multiple Austin FitTalk Panel discussions featuring athletes and experts on various topics including nutrition, injury prevention and overcoming obstacles. From a room full of City Employees and the staff of SXSW, to a classroom full of children, my stories touch on the humor, determination and rewarding effects of a health and fitness lifestyle. Currently, my articles can be found at Austin Fit Magazine,, and more. Many are aggregated on my website at
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