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Losing Weight on Vacation?

Eat Healthy When Traveling Eat Healthy When Traveling


Guest Blogger Contribution.

I am a registered dietitian and diabetes educator at a large hospital and see approximately 8 patients per day. Many of my patients gain weight while on vacation for obvious reasons. Anyway, I just got back from a two week vacation and lost 5 pounds! I am a whole food plant-based, no oil eater (WFPBNO) and knew I would be getting some oil during my trip as some of the people we stayed with use olive oil "because it's healthy" (nope). I have wanted to lose about 20# to get down to 180# for my 5'11" height, but have been stuck at 206#. 172# is actually a healthy weight for a guy that's 5'11" with a medium frame. We can talk about why people want to weigh more than they should in another discussion.

So how did I lose weight even with some oil? I decided to eat my regular three meals but with one meal per day only fresh fruit. My breakfast is always oatmeal with a banana or berries, ground flax seed or a few walnuts, and a plant milk. I ate fruit at lunch time most days. Cherries were still available and we always have organic apples and bananas with us, My biggest meal is always a salad "as big as my head" with the entree' being some sort of starch such as rice, beans, potatoes, or pasta. The other point is that I was not snacking in the evening. Not being home I did not have the access to my usual snacks. Snacking generally adds too many calories and  most people know that the evening is the worse time to eat anything. If you are not losing weight and are plant-based take out the oil first. As Dr. Carney teaches, oils are processed foods with low nutrient density and high calorie density that do not enhance health. Taking out oils will invariably help you lose weight. If that does not work cut back on the meals to two per day or try the fruit or raw vegetable meals.

I am a registered dietitian and have struggled with my weight forever. This way of eating has helped me lose 70 pounds and keep it off with little effort. However, I do need to continually tweak the eating plan as I get into my 60's! Keep improving your meal plan and menus. Healthy eating is about what you take out of your diet so take out the disease causing foods first. Take care you all and "eat your beans and greens"!

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