How To Expand Our Health Influence?

We often hear comments from our patients and the attendees at our lectures about wishing Dr. Carney could be cloned or taken home! People sense the need for a helping hand when they begin making lifestyle changes. We understand this and the discussion about how to more effectively reach people is the subject of much conversation among us. We would love to have you join in this conversation. We would love to hear your ideas!

While we are so grateful for the patients that Dr. Carney is able to see daily, we also know that in order to reach millions of people we need to do more than we are presently doing. One of the first steps we have taken is to create a membership driven community. There is no charge to join at the basic membership, which is currently the only membership level we offer. The idea behind creating the community was that we would have a place to provide ongoing support and also that the members of the community could and would help each other. This community is off and running and can be found at It is growing and we are grateful.

One of the community benefits we really like is the ability for community members to create blogs about their journeys and experiences in the Starch-Smart lifestyle. You can Click Here to Check out the Member Blogs. Just yesterday a Potato Strong Blog was posted with an hour long Interview with Dr. Goldhammer from True North. This interview is very interesting. He speaks a lot about the value of fasting which is something we do not hear much about these days! Please give us your feedback on the Member Blogs by joining our Starch-Smart Social Network

We also started quite a few Social Media pages such as Linda Carney MD on Facebook and the Starch-Smart® System on Facebook. Some of the other things that have been going on for us is the filming of enough video to produce six DVDs for sale or to be streamed online. Our BIG challenge now is how to get the films edited and packaged. The only thing holding us back of course is time and money. We also have the desire to produce a book and are taking active steps in that direction. Oh to have more time!

Won't you consider joining our Starch-Smart® Community and giving us your feedback and ideas? Please, when you give us your ideas focus on how we can help you to help others! That is what we really want to do! Also, if you might be interested in helping us to help others, we would like to hear about it! 

To learn more about the details of what the Starch-Smart® System is and how to get started you can check out our Starch-Smart® pages at You can also read our most recent topical article on how to use Two Tools and One Concept to make the Starch-Smart® System Easy!