Nitrites in Processed Meats Cause Cancer

Nitrites, found in processed meats like ham, bacon, and hot dogs are potent chemical carcinogens. This may explain why hot dog consumption has been associated with the two leading types of pediatric cancers. While this is now considered common place with even the World Health Organization warning us, it was not always understood or accepted.

Might the nitrites put into these so called foods as a perservative actually be killing us? It is now known that pregnant women who consume hot dogs risk having a child that will develop a brain tumor, and children who eat hot dogs have 10 times the risk of developing childhood leukemia. Even though people know these things they dont' change because the "great palatability" of these foods largely outweighs health considerations. 

But, for those of you who are concerned the good news is that by switching to a whole-foods, Starch-SmartĀ® diet, you can avoid these dangerous chemicals which are known to cause cancer.