Type-1 diabetes is a serious illness where the pancreas stops producing insulin. This type of diabetes is seen mainly in children and used to be known as insulin-dependent diabetes or juvenile diabetes. Hearing this diagnosis can be very devastating for the entire family, since it involves a lifetime of consistent care. If you have a child that has been diagnosed with type-1 diabetes, or wish to take measures that could prevent it, this short video clip by John McDougall MD should be very helpful for you.

Dr. McDougall explains how dairy protein passes through leaky junctures of our intestinal wall, causing an autoimmune response. This is now believed to play a role in the initiation of type-1 diabetes. Please watch and share this short video clip with your friends and family. It could prevent others from suffering this chronic degenerative disease. Although a healthy plant-based diet cannot reverse type-1 diabetes (like it can type-2 diabetes), it can have a tremendous impact on a patient's overall health, and lesson the severity of the illness, thus, reducing the amount of insulin needed.

Ken Thomas, a Guest Blogger on this web site is a Type-1 diabetic who engineered his way into a whole food plant based no oil diet through charting and graphing his food intake and marking down his subsequent blood sugar readings. Ken considers having Type-1 diabetes as being a tremendous blessing for all that he has learned. I can confirm that he has been an encouragement and support to other Type-1 diabetics here in our Social Networking section. You can follow Ken

Reading what Ken has to say is fascinating and helps to confirm what research is also supporting.

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