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Cow's Milk-Induced Infant Apnea

Cow's Milk-Induced Infant Apnea

The opiate-like drug effects of the casomorphin in cow’s milk may have a depressive effect on the respiratory center of infants and lead to “milk apnea,” in which babies temporarily stop breathing and are placed at risk for sudden infant death syndrome (crib death). Interestingly enough sleep apnea in breast fed babies can also be caused when their mother consumes cows milk.

A report in the video embedded below concluded with the following words:

The aim of the present report was to draw researchers' attention to the possibility of occurrence of a systemic reaction with an apnoea seizure on the infant's exposure to the proteins in cow's milk. We are convinced that such a clinical situation occurs rarely; however, it is accompanied by a real threat to the infant's life that can be avoided when applying a simple and not costly dietetic intervention. 

That simple and not costly dietetic intervention is simply the cessation of the consumption of cows milk and other dairy products. 

Neal Barnard, MD also has a lot to say about how the opiates in milk calm and addict us in his book "Breaking the Food Seduction. " This applies to mothers milk in a very positive way causing mother child bonding due to the calming effect from natural mothers milk. However, "Cows milk is actually quite different from human milk." Cows milk contains a much higher protein percentage that human breast milk because it is designed to grow a baby cow into a 400-800 pounder in just one year. 

For more information, see my "Got Milk? Got Disease!" Pinterest Board.

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