This is a very powerful ten-minute video clip featuring Dr. T. Colin Campbell. He discusses how our dietary choices can either "turn on" or "turn off" cancer cell growth. Dr. Campbell's groundbreaking discovery came when he explored the relationship between nutrition and cancer while conducting a study in the 1980's in rural China called the China Project. Dr. Campbell's findings were published in his book, The China Study.

As Dr. Campbell explains, cancer development, or any other disease may begin with a genetic component. However, these "cancer genes" can be influenced by an outside stimulus. Dr. Campbell's China Project observed and identified the essential element which turned on and turned off cancer growth. The element which was found to initiate cancer gene expression was protein from animal sources, especially the protein (casein) from cow's milk.

Dr. Campbell demonstrates how our genes are the "starting place" for promoting either good or bad health. He goes on to explain how nutrition "controls how genes behave." The China Project noted that animal-based protein stimulated cancer genes, whereas plant-based protein did not. In fact, Dr. Campbell's study concluded that "Casein (the protein in milk) is the most relevant chemical carcinogen" that has ever been identified. The results of this study add to the overwhelming amount of scientific evidence in favor of a whole-food, plant-based diet.

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