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Canadian Doctor Focuses on Diet-Lifestyle Change

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We are pleased to see more physicians incorporating diet, lifestyle, and preventive medicine into their medical practice. Dr. Shane Williams, a community cardiologist in Bracebridge Muskoka, Ontario is one such specialist. Dr. Williams has been eating a vegan diet since 2010 and has been using this same approach with his cardiac patients. In 2011 he included group counselling sessions as part of his patient education. In an interview with CBC News, Williams stated, "What concerns me is that most doctors do not realize the power of food as an alternative to medication." The advantages of using this approach can clearly be seen in William's patients. Dr. Williams spends at least an hour with his patients during the initial assessment explaining food habits and alternatives to drugs and surgery, whereas most cardiologists spend 15-25 minutes without discussing lifestyle modification.

Dr. Williams agrees with Dr. John McDougall's statement regarding the use of statin drugs for high cholesterol, "Statins should be reserved for very sick people, and a healthy diet is for everyone." "What we're told by pharmaceutical companies" Williams said in his CBC interview, "is that only 10 per cent of the cholesterol in our bloodstream is what we consume, and the rest is made by our liver. What they don't tell us is that the Western diet causes the liver to over produce cholesterol — a pretty significant 'oops we forgot to tell you' on the part of pharmaceutical companies." Doctors Williams and McDougall will be facilitating an "immersion weekend" at his clinic in Bracebridge sometime in late summer or early fall. Dr. McDougall will be speaking with patients via Skype.

"The Williams Cardiology and Wellness Clinic blends a traditional medical practice with an enhanced program of proactive wellness. Built on the principle of addressing a person as a whole, Dr. Shane Williams seeks to enable his patients to take charge of their health by educating them on the value of proper nutrition and living well. The center offers a variety of medical protocol such as detailed medical assessments of a person's cardiology health, and on-site Transthoracic Echocardiography testing. The center's proactive health programs include; individual and group counselling, one-on-one nutrition and lifestyle coaching and complete wellness workshops."

We are excited to see more and more physicians discovering the new and existing science regarding the nutritional superiority of whole plant foods, bringing this vital information to the forefront of public awareness! Thousands of scientific studies reveal that a diet consisting of whole plant foods not only reverses disease, it offers optimal health and longevity for those who follow it correctly.

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