PCRM's 2014 Airport Travel Guide

Are you traveling to see friends and family for the holiday season?  If so, PCRM's 2014 Airport Travel Guide will come in handy! The guide features restaurants that serve "customizable entrées at diners, cafés, chain restaurants, sports bars, and upscale restaurants at 23 of the nation's busiest airports." Additionally, the majority of airports offer at least one high-fiber, cholesterol-free meal. Don't be afraid to ask them to make substitutions, or to withhold any animal products to suit your dietary preferences.

Due to limited space, many airport restaurants and chains offer healthier meals that may not be listed in this travel guide. PCRM notes that restaurants change frequently, this data is current as of December 5, 2014. PCRM has updated their travel guide for 2015. Click on the following links:

(1) Update: PCRM's 2015 Airport Travel Guide

(2) Vegan Options Take Off at U.S. Airports

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Image Credit - PCRM