Debbie Cockrell spent many years suffering from numerous health conditions including pneumonia, depression, breast cancer, bronchitis, sinus problems and considerable crippling pain from her rheumatoid arthritis.

She would wake up crying, with terrible joint pain, convinced she was dying. She took a powerful immune system suppressing drug, which made her "crash hard and feel very depressed." She was worried about serious side effects from her drugs, including osteoporosis and liver damage.

Debbie began a search on the internet and discovered Dr. John McDougall's dietary approach for treating autoimmune conditions. Within a month, Debbie said that the "Aches, pains, and stiffness in my joints from my rheumatoid arthritis diminished considerably. I also noticed a much-improved energy level, my menstrual periods became less painful and the heavy bleeding stopped." She also lost over 20 pounds, and she and her husband both have much more energy.  Although she had been taking methotrexate for many years, she was able to stop taking it completely.

During her annual check-up with her rheumatologist, her blood tests had improved and were normal. Her doctor had never discussed diet with her, and was surprised that the diet alone had produced such profound results.

An aggressive diet and lifestyle approach offers hope and healing for those suffering from autoimmune conditions. 

Read Debbie Cockrell's success story here. For more information regarding diet and autoimmune conditions, see "Nutrition Instead of Drugs to Treat Autoimmune Diseases."