I had been living in overalls for years and was at 571 lbs. Mike despairingly emailed his friend who put him in contact with Dr. Carney and her husband Sean. Dr. Carney agreed to help Mike under the condition that he would come to their office and eat with them every day for a week.

Here Mike learned how to eat Starch-SmartĀ®. He came in leery because most any weight loss program he had encountered before required him to endure a diet of deprivation, leaving him constantly hungry. Dr. Carney loaded up a HUGE plate of plant based foods with LOTS of starchy vegetables and handed it to Mike who then asked "Can I eat all that?". At which point Dr. Carney's husband Sean realized why she was giving him such a large plate of food. He then replied to Mike "No Mike" which caused a pause. "You can go back for seconds!".

Now 18 months later Mikes story is being an encouragement to hundreds of people across the Internet and in the Vegan Body building world.

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