Contrary to popular beliefs, human protein requirements are actually quite low. Dr. John McDougall explains by saying, "Our greatest time of growth, which is the time of our greatest need for protein - is during our first 2 years of life - when we double in size. At this vigorous developmental stage, our ideal food is human milk, which is 5% protein. Compare this need to food choices that should be made as adults - when we are not growing."

He continues to inform us "Rice is 8% protein, corn 11%, oatmeal is 15%, and beans 27%. Thus, protein deficiency is impossible when calorie needs are met by eating unprocessed starches and vegetables." Dr. McDougall's article also dispels the myth of plant foods not being complete proteins.

The first question arising in most people's mind when considering a plant-based diet is regarding getting enough protein. Truly current protein recommendations are flawed. Protein comes from plants. Eating animal flesh is second hand protein. In my Starch-SmartĀ® System protein is derived From Sun to Plant to Plate. In an animal based model an unnescessary step is added. Protein then comes From Sun to Plant to Animal to Plate. The extra step is inefficient and unhealthy. Read Dr. McDougalls article "When Friends Ask, Where do you get Your Protein?" to learn more.