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Registration Open for PlantPure Summit 2016

Registration Open for PlantPure Summit 2016

"There are two kinds of cardiologists, vegans and ones who haven't read the data," says Kim Allan Williams, MD, Immediate-Past President of the American College of Cardiologists. Dr. Williams is just one of 40 speakers taking part in PlantPure Summit 2016. Scheduled for September 7 - 16, this free, online webinar will shine a spotlight on the successful role of whole plant foods in combating the lifestyle diseases plaguing societies worldwide.

The seminar sponsored by PlantPure Nation brings together members of the healthcare industry, experts, and organizations from around the world to teach about the power of a plant-based lifestyle. Each afternoon of the 10-day summit, four different speakers will offer evidence for how nutrition and lifestyle can fight heart disease, type II diabetes, cancer, and obesity.

Speakers will include top-names in the plant-based diet movement such as T. Colin Campbell, PhD; Neal Barnard, MD; Caldwell Esselstyn, MD; and Michael Greger, MD. Other speakers may not be as well known, but due to their success in helping change lives through plant-based living, can provide a unique perspective on the ability of plant-foods to promote health.

The conference is free, but participants must register to reserve a place. Due to technical restrictions, seats at the webinar are limited.

Those who attend the conference will learn:

  1. How science supports a plant-based diet.
  2. What challenges physicians face when advocating a plant-based approach to combat lifestyle diseases.
  3. How healthcare professionals and organizations are using "lifestyle medication" to change healthcare.
  4. How health, ethical consumption, and sustaining the environment are complimentary concerns that boost the plant-based movement.

Registration for PlantPure Summit 2016 is available at http://plantpuresummit.com/ref/81/.

It is helpful to us if you sign up Using Dr. Carney's PlantPure Summit Affiliate URL: 


Good news!

I have been invited to be a part of PlantPure Summit 2016 for which I am very grateful. In order to celebrate and I am giving away a three day viewing of my video "Why We Do What We Do?" until the end of the conference. You may Watch the Free Video Rental until September 16th at the URL:


I was interviewed by Lee Fulkerson from the movie Forks Over Knives. Below is a video produced by the PlantPure Summit 2016 team to promote my participation:

Below is a preview of one of my videos:

Preview the "Cancer Prevention & Women's Health" Trailer

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