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Keep it Simple Diabetes Care

Keep it Simple Diabetes Care

K.I.S.S. — Keep It Simple, Sweetheart* is a concept that reportedly comes from the U.S. navy. The story goes that a group of engineers were told to design an aircraft engine that would be repairable with just the basic tools that an average military mechanic would have under combat conditions. The phrase has been popularized to mean that most systems work best if they are designed for simplicity and that complexity should be avoided.

Apparently, humans were designed with the K.I.S.S. principle in mind. Although type 2 diabetes is on the rise in the U.S. and around the world, the average person is able to prevent it by applying some simple knowledge. Even if diabetes runs in our family, we are not destined to develop or continue the progression of the disease provided we follow the simple steps of optimal health.

KISS-ing our Genetic Predispositions to Disease Good-bye
Neal Barnard, MD, does a good job of making a complex subject like diabetes very simple. He explains that there are two types of genes. Some are like dictators. Those types of genes are what dictate our hair color or the color of our eyes. But there are other types of genes that are more like committees — they make suggestions. Most genes that predispose us to things like diabetes, certain types of cancer, heart disease, or even Alzheimers, are more like committees. Their activity depends on what we put into our bodies. The amazing thing is that when we change what we put into our bodies, we can change how our genes react. So even if we have already been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, making some simple changes to our diet can very often reduce or eliminate our need for medication.  

In the video below, Dr. Barnard explains how simple it is to avoid or treat type 2 diabetes. 

What Are Humans Designed to Eat?
Dr. Barnard's research shows that changing our diet can change the expression of our genes. This begs the question, "What diet were we designed to eat?" Dr. Barnard humorously suggests three tests to discover the diet humans were designed to eat.

The Dental Test - While a cat's teeth are designed to rip and tear flesh, humans have short canine teeth and our molars are designed for grinding things.

The Bunny Test - Even a kitten will display the instinct to kill a bunny, but a human baby will show no signs of wanting to harm a bunny.

The Box Test - At the bottom of a box of electronic equipment, we can usually find a little bag of silicone pellets with a warning: Do Not Eat.

He concludes: "Human being are naturally herbivores, but we're really easily thrown off track."

K.I.S.S. — Keep It Starch-Smart®
Type 2 diabetes predisposes us to heart disease, amputations, blindness, and some types of cancer. But a low-fat, whole plant food diet with no added oil (such as my Starch-Smart® System) predisposes us to optimal health. When type 2 diabetics are initially diagnosed, most are introduced to the relatively complex system of counting carbohydrates in order to keep their blood sugar steady. And while they are usually counseled to exercise and lose weight, most type 2 diabetics aren't told that there is hope for reversing the disease.

That's not the advice I give my patients. Unlike counting carbs, my Starch-Smart® System is quite easy to understand, and it offers hope for disease reversal or reduced need for medication. If my patients will simply avoid fat from animal products and instead focus their diet on low-fat, whole plant foods, their body will begin to heal. The amount of improvement depends on how closely they choose to follow the eating system and how much damage their body has sustained. By adopting a Starch-Smart® eating style, my patients find that they begin losing unwanted pounds and soon after discover the energy to begin exercising. 

In my medical practice, I regularly see patients cut their need for diabetes medication in half. I've seen many reverse their disease and not need medication any longer. I agree with Dr. Barnard that there is a simple solution to the type 2 diabetes epidemic. Low-fat, whole plant foods can help us kiss diabetes good-bye. 

(*Yes, I know what the original acronym stands for. But just as I believe that there are no stupid questions, I also firmly believe there are no stupid people. All of us are still learning. As we let our learning affect our choices, we can all improve our health. The simple fact is that optimal health is largely a matter of choosing to eat only low-fat, whole plant foods. That is definitely sweet news for every heart!)

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