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How do these Diet Experts Measure Up?

How do these Diet Experts Measure Up?

Obesity rates continue to climb and have resulted in a global epidemic of overweight and obese adults. In fact, it's estimated that nearly 80% of Americans are overweight. This tragedy has generated much controversy regarding what constitutes a healthy diet -- and in terms of weight loss -- which one produces the best results.

Indeed, there are numerous ways to lose weight, but most result in temporary weight loss and pose serious health risks. On the contrary, scientific evidence shows that eating a diet which emphasizes whole plant foods is not only the safest plan to lose weight and keep it off, it prevents and reverses disease as well. Start your journey towards optimal health and wellness today!

The video below produced by VegSource highlights the recommendations from many well-known "diet experts." Notice the diverse opinions as to what contributes to unhealthy weight gain. Large portion sizes, a toxic food environment, sugar and too much television watching are a few of the suspected offenders. The video also points out that these "diet experts" are overweight themselves, whereas the experts that advocate eating an oil-free diet based on whole, natural plant foods are all trim and fit. Take the New Year Health Challenge and sign up for one of the free programs that offer guidance on how to get started! 

WARNING: We realize this video may be offensive to some. Please understand we just want to raise awareness of the harm being done by these fake obesity experts who are making small fortunes misleading the public.

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