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Dietary Guidelines: Advisory Committee Conflicts of Interest

Dietary Guidelines: Advisory Committee Conflicts of Interest

Have you ever wondered how our American Dietary Guidelines are formed? You may be surprised to see who sits on the Dietary Guidelines Committee.

"The USDA Dietary Guidelines Committee has been made up of individuals funded by McDonald's, Coca Cola, the Sugar Association, the American Meat Institute, candy bar companies, and the egg and dairy boards."

Dr. Michael Greger explains this in more detail in his video below

For more information regarding how how the guidelines are heavily influenced by powerful, profit-driven agricultural and commercial interest groups instead of the latest scientific evidence, click on the following links:

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(14) Food and Drug Law Journal (This is an excellent resource and very easy to understand. Scroll down to the very bottom of the resource to see which special interest groups are behind the Food Guidelines)

Michael Greger MD Links

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