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Breast Cancer "Prevention" Month

Breast Cancer "Prevention" Month

Pink ribbons are everywhere, reminding us that October is Breast Cancer "Awareness" Month. Yet Dr. Joel Fuhrman wonders why we don't call it Breast Cancer "Prevention" Month instead.

All women are concerned about avoiding breast cancer, but few are "aware" that diet should be the key element in the fight against breast cancer. A large body of scientific evidence demonstrates that breast cancer can be largely avoided by using an aggressive nutritional and lifestyle approach. Dr. Fuhrman firmly believes that the risk of developing cancer in adulthood can be considerably reduced by what a child eats the first ten years of their life when their cells are rapidly dividing. He discusses this in detail in his book "Disease-Proof Your Child."

This article outlines Dr. Fuhrman's cancer fighting diet and lifestyle plan. He explains which foods promote cancer and which ones contain powerful cancer fighting properties. Instead of showing our "awareness" of breast cancer by purchasing products with pink ribbons, Dr. Fuhrman encourages us to become "aware" of diet and lifestyle choices that "prevent" and reduce our risk of breast cancer. Read the article, "October Should Be Breast Cancer Prevention Month" by Joel Fuhrman MD.

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