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Alternative Medicine: Part 1

Alternative Medicine: Part 1

Guest Blogger Contribution.

A few years ago I was checking out at a local grocery store where I was purchasing some organic apples. The checker asked me if the organic apples were as good as the real ones. I was struck in pause by the question before answering, " the organic apples ARE the real ones!"

It is common to assume that typical equals natural. If organic apples are not typical, then they are not natural - not real.

At a family reunion, one of my uncles conversed with me about his recent trip to the doctor and the resulting multiple "heart" medicine prescriptions. He went on to say how scary it is to be entering the heart disease age - as if heart disease is a natural part of aging. With essentially every member of the family and friends in his age group suffering heart disease, it is typical. Thus, he assumes it to be natural.

Traditional medicine follows this same analogy; typical diseases are a natural part of life, however, we now have technological advancements that can intervene, extending our lives in spite of nature. Any other practice is considered Alternative Medicine.

Webster's definition of Alternative Medicine: any of various systems of healing or treating disease that is not included in the traditional medical curricula of the United States and Britain.

Disclaimer: Please understand that I am not a medical professional in any capacity. This writing is only to share my experience and what I have learned from it.

Nothing in life is more inhibiting or debilitating than the belief; "I Can't." Nothing in life is more freeing, enabling or successful than the belief; "I Can."

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