Raw plant food supplies many disease-fighting nutrients which also promote longevity, but are raw food diets more nutritious?  According to Dr. Joel Fuhrman, consuming a raw diet is not more nutritious.  He responds by saying, "Eating an exclusively raw-food diet is a disadvantage."  He believes that, "Excluding all steamed vegetables and vegetable soups from your diet narrows your nutrient diversity and has a tendency to reduce the percentage of calories from vegetables in favor of nuts and fruits which are lower in nutrients per calorie."

Dr. Fuhrman's article, "Raw vs Cooked?", which we can no longer find on the internet, addressed these concerns regarding raw food diets and are listed below:  

Consuming a diet that includes raw plant food is an important element of a health-supporting diet, however, as Dr. Fuhrman points out, our diets do not need to consist entirely of raw food in order to maximize our health. Additionally, an all raw diet is not the healthiest diet to eat. He concludes by saying, "It is healthier to expand your nutrient density, your absorption of plant protein and your nutrient diversity with the inclusion of some conservatively cooked food in your diet."

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