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Hypothetically - ish

Hypothetically - ish

Guest Blogger Contribution.

What If a food was offered to you that had a blissfully satisfying taste, but you were informed that it contained a slow poison that would kill you after about 30 years.

What if you were further informed that the poison kills you slowly, progressively robbing your vitality, replacing it with tiredness, pain, illness, disability and accelerated aging over the years before it finally kills you?

Would you sacrifice your future life for a few minutes of a great tasting food now?

What if you were, instead, offered a food that was bland, but would progressively enhance your vitality, youthful energy, strength and agility extending deep into what is commonly known as elderly?

What if you were further informed that the taste and satisfaction of the bland food would progressively grow far beyond that of the poisoned food?

Would you still opt for the few minutes of poisoned food pleasure?

What if everyone you knew was eating the poisoned food. Would you eat the poisoned food to fit in?

Would you be willing to sell a long energetic life, free from debilitating pains and tiredness for the few minutes of poisoned food pleasure and the comfort of fitting in?

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