Breaking the Food Seduction

Ever wonder why sweets, cheese, meats, etc., are so addicting and it's hard to cut back on or eliminate them? Dr. Neal Barnard explains the chemical process that's triggered when we eat these addictive foods in this 14 minute video clip. To start off you will need to learn first how to magnetize a baby. Stay tuned! 

Dr. Barnard's research has shown that "Sugar, chocolate, and meat trigger the release of opiates within the brain. Cheese produces mild opiates called casomorphins as it digests. These drug-like effects of foods help explain why we get "hooked" on some foods and not others."  The video below will help you understand why it's so easy to become addicted to these foods.

For more information about controlling cravings you may also want to watch the video "Why We Do What We Do?" available at

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