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Is eating meat macho?

Is eating meat macho?

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Is eating meat macho? Many seem to think so.


Based on those beliefs, men may be motivated to eat meat, which sadly, is linked to shorter lives with higher rates of disease.


Is it maybe worth a shorter life? Are meat-eating men more masculine than vegan men?

Let's look at some ways of measuring masculinity. If testosterone level is the measure, vegans win.


So does that mean that vegan men are more fertile? Not necessarily, but apparently they are…


Even the health of a man’s prostate can be affected by his diet. Again, the vegan men have an advantage.


And of course, a discussion of male machismo does require a mention of how well a man can “Raise his Flag”!


Sadly for the meat-eaters, the macho image of meat-eating is beginning to fall apart! So what about at least being able to “bulk up”? Does a man have to eat cow to become “strong like bull”?

Nope! There are plenty of vegan ultra marathoners, professional body builders and Ironmen to choose from, so who shall I highlight? How about vegan Frank Medrano doing his awe-inspiring callisthenics…


Ok, just one more vegan example of (ahem!) muscle development & definition


But what if your idea of masculinity goes deeper than purely physical? Are meat-eaters more able to succeed in business, sports, arts or the helping professions? The following vegan men represent some of THE most successful men in their fields in the world.


Gosh! Vegan men seem to be pulling ahead in the masculinity department! So far, vegan men look at least as good, maybe better, than meat-eaters. They are at least as (or more) powerful. Vegan men definitely have better hormonal health & reproductive success. They are at least as able to succeed in life (or better) than meat-eaters, and on top of all that, get more time to enjoy it thanks to also living longer.

Is there no way in which meat-eaters are more masculine?

Sure, but they seem to be negative ways like higher rates of violent behaviour & incarceration, prostate cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, middle aged paunch and even hair loss.

OK, we're grabbing at straws here now, but despite all that, might meat-eaters at least have more “animal magnetism” than vegan men?

Apparently (and I can attest to this!) as part of a research project, when asked to compare their odour “Overwhelmingly, the women judged the body odor of men on a vegetarian diet to be “significantly more attractive, more pleasant…”.


Sorry meat-eaters. The vegan men have it!

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Oh no! Not that protein question again!

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